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Tax Clinic
Once again, CDÉTNO and our partner the publishing house Présence francophone are happy to announce the reopening of the tax clinic on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. The tax declaration filed report to be submitted covers the year 2022 (from January 1st to December 31st) and is due on Monday, May 1, 2023 (April 30th being a Sunday). Any payment you might be required to make will also be due on that
Foundations of Service Quality Training by SuperHost™
On March 2nd, CDETNO’s Career Centre will host a session of the “Foundations of Service Quality” training by SuperHost™. This formation, considered as the gold standard for customer service excellence, will be animated by Anna-Marie Rautenbach, faculty at the College of the Rockies and Hospitality Management Program Coordinator. For more information, call the Career Centre at (86
Black History Month – Creative workshop and game building
After meeting students in schools for information and discussion sessions about Black history Month, the coordinator of the Settlement Workers in Schools program offers creative workshops and children’s games creation hosted by BACupNorth. The objective is to give young people who wish to do so a space to express their thoughts and feelings on the subject in an artistic way. Workshops are fr

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Those ’70s Stories: Gold Heists and Hijinks
There was a week that winter that got real cold, so cold you could toss a glass of water up and watch it vaporize and freeze. You had to be careful if you were exerting yourself outside as you could scorch your lungs – freeze the tissue in your breathing cavity. An upside to it being that clear and frigid was seeing the northern lights sometimes. My oil space heater was doing the job but one night
A Fierce Love
I had a bunch of missed calls from my mom. In her voicemails she asked me, worried, to call her back as soon as possible. I’d been at work and had to pick up my son at school. I called her back. She picked up the phone, earnest, hesitant. “You okay, Panik?” “Yeah, I’m fine. Why, what’s up?” “I just came back from the police station.” “For what?” “A young girl was murdered by a man named Raymond Co
Paddles or Pickaxes?
A 45-minute drive, three short portages and you’re in Hidden Lake Territorial Park. The first islands are beautiful — overcamped, maybe, but idyllic. If you pass through them into the winding northern portion of the park, a corridor with bays out to the sides and gentle peninsulas, you can sometimes find a bit more room to breathe. At the end of this corridor is a little pinch that signifies the e